Should lose your Certificates then the process for replacement is very simple.Please send us an email stating your name and address and we will have processed your new replacement certificate. There will be an admin fee for each certificate of €50 EUR. This is payable via wire transfer and an invoice will be provided.

Moving my Goods

Your goods are under our care until such time that you wish to import and take possession or move to another storage solution, we would need the necessary written authorisation, security and identification protocols in place before any movement of goods takes place. All costs for shipping and transportation would be pre-agreed and remain the responsibility of the client.

Selling my Goods

Griffin Logistics does not deal with the buying or selling of clients goods and acts purely as the custodian and administrator, we can assist with the transfer of ownership should you wish to sell and the new buyer wishes to leave the goods under the custody of Griffin Logistics.

Should you wish to view your goods in person at our facility, this is possible by making an appointment with a member of the administration team.

Adding more Goods

Once you are a registered client of Griffin Logistics, if you decide to make further acquisitions and add to your holdings you can simply contact us and send over the details of your goods each time you wish to add goods to your storage, we can also organize for the collection or handle direct shipments into the bonded facility should you so wish.

Having my Goods Delivered

Should you wish to take delivery of your goods , Griffin Logistics has relationships in place with specialist logistics companies, who will handle the safe delivery and customs clearance of the goods.