Griffin Logistics operates a secure storage solution in Vienna, Austria. We work with clients, specialist suppliers providing customers with access to their own unique online 'Griffin Vault'. This is a secure, password encrypted online portal where clients can monitor their physical holdings at the touch of button. Whilst their assets are stored safely, securely and tax free in our freeport Vault.

Griffin Storage Services

We offer a secure freeport storage solution that enables clients to store a wide range of valuable goods. We believe that it is extremely important in times of uncertainty to store your assets physically where you have assurance of your goods in a secure location.

Shipping Logistics

Griffin's Storage Services is happy to arrange and manage the transfer of property with vetted shippers. We frequently capitalize on the packing and shipping resources available within the Freeport.

Griffin Confidentiality

Griffin's Storage Services understands that our clients demand complete confidentiality from service providers. We make confidentiality a top priority throughout all steps of the storage process.

Griffin's Storage Services

Griffin's Storage Services facility is located within the Vienna Freeport the largest free port in Austria. Modeled on Swiss freeports, it operates an around-the-clock free trade zone. Situated next to Vienna’s International Airport, the Vienna Freeport is easily accessible to clients from anywhere in the world.

Benefits to storing at Griffin include:

· No local taxes for residents and non-residents alike on any transaction that takes place within the FreePort
· Simplified customs procedures that preserve client confidentiality
· No bond securities required for the import of property
· Integrated professional services within the FreePort for expedited packing and shipping
· Quick and efficient property transport and transfer